PixPlant 2.168

Create 3D textures on your photos


  • Create normal, displacement, and specular maps
  • Create textures from scratch or with a pre-existing image
  • Standalone 3D texturing app


  • Initially tricky to learn how to use


PixPlant is a standalone 3D texturing tool that can help make your 2D photos and images pop.

There are a lot of Photoshop plugins available right now. PixPlant is one of them that also has a standalone desktop app available for those who either can't afford Photoshop or prefer some autonomy when they're creating textures.

PixPlant allows users to create normal, displacement, and specular maps that can be used in other 3D modeling applications. You can create these 3D textures from almost any photo because PixPlant boasts advanced straightening and see pattern controls. Its claim to fame is that most basic textures can be created in the span of one to four easy steps.

For beginners, PixPlant will certainly take some getting used to and experimenting around with to get the desired result. You can create these images in high resolution to ensure the best quality possible of the texture. Most people will want to use these images as backgrounds in other images, but other uses include creating basic backgrounds, or even Photoshop brushes. You can start from scratch or use an existing image with PixPlant as well.

PixPlant is an advanced, standalone desktop tool for creating high quality 3D textures from scratch or based on pre-existing images.



PixPlant 2.168

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